New Exhibit of Work at Well St. Art Co.

The opening reception for my new work will be Friday, July 1, 5-8pm

Work delivered and framed


3 responses to “New Exhibit of Work at Well St. Art Co.

  1. Gael,

    I’m so excited about your show, and I pray it will be a huge success. I am sorry we won’t be there. I have Covid although Tom doesn’t, I doubt he will be out without me. For fear of carrying it. We will see it later when I am well. I don’t feel very sick, just a cough and tickle in my throat.

    Good luck!!


  2. Hi Gail. My husband and daughter and I stopped by your show about 4 o’clock on Friday. It was wonderful. I have always loved your art, but this was a spectacular show. I was very moved by it all. You could have been looking through my eyes when you painted it!
    And I wanted to ask you what size brush do you use? Among my souvenirs I have a copy of the list I have materials that you gave us years ago to take on a plein aire outing. But I don’t think you listed that particular bit of info. And admiring minds want to know😊. Congratulations on a wonderful body of work!

    • Hi Terri
      Sorry to have missed you when you stopped by. I did get the kind note that you left for me. Thank you for your comments. Regarding brush size, over the years I have acquired a number of different sizes and type. On those small paintings, I use a lot that are no. 10 or no. 8 rounds. But the ones that make the most difference are the riggers. One time I just bought all the various sizes that I could. Riggers are the long, narrow haired brushes and are perfect for the small branches and weeds. Another thing that I used that was new for me are watercolor pencils. Every so often there was a place where I needed just a small bit of emphasis and the pencils were perfect for that.
      I love having a body of work on a special theme like this show and have already started thinking about what the next theme should be. Gael

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